Verbier Candle and Diffusers From Illumens

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Initial resinous piney punch followed with notes reminiscent of alpine flowers and  champagne. As exhilarating as its’ namesake.


Our candles have a well deserved excellent reputation. Generously imbued with fragrance oil - as high as the manufacturing process allows - our candles really will fragrance your home and illuminate the darkest of corners. Our candles have a burn time of around 40 fragrant hours.



Bring aroma into your home with these beautiful taper diffusers, a highly effective way to impart fragrance into any room. More constant than pot pourri and without the vigilance needed for a candle, diffusers are now a must have for the discerning individual.

Simply put the wooden tapers into the oil bottle and allow the fragrance oil to rise up the reeds by capillary action, and evaporate into the room. Turn the sticks every now and again for more fragrance.

Our taper diffusers last around twelve weeks in constant use.

Verbier Candle and Diffuser by Illumens

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