About Us

bungalow-header-2.jpgWillow Shaftesbury has moved from Bell Street to 9 High Street and we have a new name, Willow. We are now fully installed in our new premises and we have some lovely products to offer you both in Natural Homewares and our existing boutique. We are working with reputable companies who have the same ethic as us and are concerned about the environment.

During the last few years we have become increasingly concerned about the impact of cheap plastic items coming into the High Street shops and the throw away society causing damage and permanent effects on our planet which cannot be undone. Plastic once made cannot be got rid of and unless its recycled is on the planet for good! This will effect all aspects of our lives including as we have seen recently our oceans and landfill.

At Willow Shaftesbury we hope to encourage our customers to think about what they are buying a will be promoting and selling "Slow Living" and selling items which do not further damage the environment. The emphasis will be on quality items which will last. We will be selling items which are natural, organic, sustainable, recycled or made in the UK so they don't have a large carbon footprint.

We will have in the shop items made from Bamboo (grows quickly and sustainable), items made from re-cycled bottles such as rugs (using resources already made) are sustainable (items made from wood, linen or cotton), items produced ethically to help struggling societies and fair trade, basically any items that are good and not bad!

Willow is a boutique too and we will be moving towards sustainability in the clothing industry as well. Small steps can make big changes to how things are produced and we hope to make our brands realise that they have to change by not buying future collections unless they have an ethical policy in place and fibres are natural.

Why not buy a brush thats made out of wood and natural fibres rather than a cheap plastic one, it will last you longer and help to save the planet!