It's no longer a secret:
the textile industry is, according to several studies, the second most polluting industry in the world - not to mention the human disasters generated, among other things, by fast-fashion production systems. The working conditions in the four corners of the planet and the ecological catastrophe caused by overproduction and overconsumption are now undeniable.

So, Louizon continue to make clothes when the world already has more than enough, of course, but not at any price...

In order to mark our commitment to more sustainable fashion, we have taken a number of measures, among which:

- gradually replace all our cotton with certified organic or BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) certified cotton, less polluting and less water-intensive

- introduce more and more flax, Tencel (from wood pulp) and Cupro (from cotton residues), materials that are much more respectful of the environment

- replace all our viscose with Lenzing EcoVero, much less polluting and from sustainable sources

- favor Oeko-Tex certified fabrics, free of chemicals harmful to health

- ban (and this since our beginnings) the use of polyester (unless it is recycled!)